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Simi Valley USES® Energy Saving Systems

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If you own a home, you know how much power you can go through in a short period of time. For homeowners, running large appliances like your HVAC system, water heater, and other high-energy devices can all send your energy bill surging. This is especially true during peak use hours, when rates for grid power skyrocket right when you need power the most.

Want to take better control over your power consumption and improve the dependability of your electrical system at the same time? The answer is a USES® energy saving system from Kilowatt Saving Solutions. These small, affordable devices can significantly improve your energy consumption by filtering your electrical power to improve efficiency. That means less wasted power, better efficiency for everything on your home’s grid, and lower utility bills at the end of every month!

Kilowatt Saving Solutions is proud to be Simi Valley’s premier residential USES® energy saving systems dealer! Call us at (805) 279-8023 to learn more about equipping your home with one of these revolutionary devices. 

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What Is a USES® Energy Saving System?

Grid power isn’t always the most consistent. The electrical grid is prone to a number of fluctuations and minute changes that can happen hundreds or thousands of times per minute due to the sheer volume of power that the grid handles and the number of customers connected to it. All of these fluctuations are generally not enough to cause a major problem for the grid, but they can create inconsistencies that can impact how our electrical appliances operate. Inconsistent power forces our plugged-in devices to adjust, and that could mean drawing more power to adjust for current and voltage variance. Therefore, your devices will use more power without any gain in performance.

The USES® energy saving system eliminates the need for these adjustments in advance, allowing our devices to draw the power they need without constantly having to adjust or compensate. Manufactured by USES® in the U.S., a Universal Shunt Efficiency System establishes and maintains uniformity in the power your home draws. Because a USES® system relies largely on magnetic chokes and magnetic fields to perform these corrections, they require no additional electricity, cost nothing to run, and require extremely little maintenance. Likewise, they have a long lifespan of 17 years or more, per UL testing and certification.

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USES® technology employs five methods to reduce power demand and consumption:

  • Phase-balancing voltage and current with magnetic fields to reduce both power waste and demand
  • Passive, resonance-free power factor correction to reduce demand 
  • Harmonic filtering for non-power currents to reduce power consumption while simultaneously improving power quality
  • Self-healing magnetic chokes that provide surge protection while also returning absorbed and reconstituted power back to the customer.
  • Utilizing proprietary chokes to generate additional wattage from each phase that is then injected into adjacent phases as usable power.

USES® units come in a variety of sizes and are strategically placed around your property depending on demand. Residential-oriented units are single-phase, and most homes don’t require more than one smaller unit to cover the entire property. 

Learn more about outfitting your home with a USES® device and start shaving down your utility bill as soon as this month! Contact Kilowatt Saving Solutions for a consultation.

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