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Simi Valley Commercial USES® Energy Saving Systems

Keeping Your Business Affordable & Eco-Friendly

Every business depends on power, and some businesses depend on a ton of it. Whether you’re in a small office or a large-scale manufacturing facility, your electricity is arguably one of your single largest overhead costs every month. Naturally, anything you can do to cut back on energy consumption will not only improve your overhead but also decrease your carbon emissions, and that’s a huge win for both the environment and for your reputation with increasingly environmentally conscious customers.

However, cutting back power consumption doesn’t have to be complicated or even come at a huge cost—a commercial USES® energy saving system that’s customized to your business can be one of the single greatest investments in your property that you ever make. Kilowatt Saving Solutions is proud to be the leading name in commercial USES® energy savings system installations, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience that can customize every setup to the exact needs of every commercial customer.

Find out how much USES® energy saving systems could change your business for the better and start saving on your utility bills! Call Kilowatt Saving Solutions at (805) 279-8023 to request a consultation and let us help you improve your facility’s efficiency.

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How USES® Energy Saving Systems Work

Businesses demand a lot of electricity, no matter how large or small they might be. Even the smallest businesses typically rely on at least a few appliances, machines, or devices that burn through a considerable amount of power. But what if we were to tell you that these devices are probably using more power than they should? Because of fluctuations in the quality of grid power, most of our appliances need to draw additional power in order to compensate for these fluctuations and operate smoothly. The bigger the appliance or machine, the larger the additional power draw.

USES® energy saving systems solve this problem by eliminating inconsistencies or fluctuations in the electrical power entering your property. With more uniformity in their power supply, machines don’t need to overdraw power in order to compensate for these fluctuations, and that means reduced consumption, extended equipment life, and lower overhead costs.

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USES® technology employs five methods to reduce power demand and consumption:

  • Phase-balancing voltage and current with magnetic fields to reduce both power waste and demand
  • Passive, resonance-free power factor correction to reduce demand 
  • Harmonic filtering for non-power currents to reduce power consumption while simultaneously improving power quality
  • Self-healing magnetic chokes that provide surge protection while also returning absorbed and reconstituted power back to the customer.
  • Utilizing proprietary chokes to generate additional wattage from each phase that is then injected into adjacent phases as usable power.

While every commercial USES® system Kilowatt Saving Solutions installs is customized to each client and the unique parameters of their electrical grid, all USES® systems operate using the same general principles. Every system uses magnet chokes and magnetic fields to conduct power corrections, meaning they don’t draw any additional electricity and won’t contribute to your bills. Likewise, these systems have been UL tested and have an expected lifespan of nearly two decades, and that means years of stress-free, automatic savings.

Make an investment in your business that will pay for itself by lowering your energy costs! Contact Kilowatt Saving Solutions to find out more about outfitting your business with customized USES® energy saving systems.

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