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Simi Valley Commercial Generator Installation

Protect Your Business from Blackouts—Call Kilowatt Saving Solutions

If you own or manage a business, you know how even a small hiccup or slowdown in your daily production can be immensely costly. Lost productivity, lost data, recovery time, and even lost inventory can make a huge dent in your wallet, while lost revenue will only further strengthen the blow. The longer your business is offline, the worse the impact will be. So why would you leave your business at risk for a long-term outage due to rolling blackouts that you have no control over?

At Kilowatt Saving Solutions, we offer the solution: A custom-installed, high-capacity standby generator system from Generac, one of the leading names in the industry of commercial emergency generators. We’re a Generac Certified Dealer, and that means we offer you unmatched expertise, training, and experience working with Generac products of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to be a partner you count on to protect your business, and we custom configure generator systems that can bring everything from computers and data centers to refrigeration units and life-saving medical equipment back online, even in the midst of a blackout.

Invest in your business and secure your power supply with an emergency standby generator system from Kilowatt Saving Solutions! Call (805) 279-8023 and schedule a consultation today.

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How Standby Generators Work

A standby generator system isn’t one that needs to be hooked up or connected in an outage. When an outage happens, there’s a good chance the chaos that follows makes having to connect a generator virtually impossible. Instead, a standby generator fires up all on its own, connecting and generating power using a supply of natural gas, propane, or even diesel fuel to produce electricity your facility can utilize for everything from lighting to equipment operations. As their name implies, these systems are always “on standby,” meaning the delay between the outage and the generator turning on is often no more than a few seconds. 

Here are a few reasons why your business or facility should have a standby generator system:

  • Safety: Keep clients and employees safe by restoring lighting and other safety-critical features to operation almost immediately.
  • Convenience: Restore power to the tools or machines you depend on, including your HVAC system.
  • Life-saving technology: If you or someone in your business depends on life-saving equipment, such as an oxygen machine, a standby generator will have it back up and running in moments. 
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Why Choose Kilowatt Saving Solutions?

Kilowatt Saving Solutions is one of the only one-stop shop contractors capable of handling all aspects of a generator installation service. Our owner has obtained both a Class B and Class C-10 contractor’s license, enabling him to handle everything from electrical wiring to gas utility line installation in order to configure your standby generator from the ground up. We treat every business with the respect it deserves, meaning every installation is entirely customized to the property and the client we’re installing it for.

Protect your business from costly outages by contacting Kilowatt Saving Solutions today.

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